Online Idea Competition:
Post COVID 19

This is an initiative under the partnership of 4C ENET'Com Sfax and Leipzig University (SEPT)

Idea Competion in some wordsCreate solutions to address Post COVID19 Challenges!

The circumstance of the global pandemic COVID-19 has led not only to a delay in all sectors but to a total halt in some others. Therefore, we are happy to launch an Idea competition aiming to raise awareness about innovation and entrepreneurship and to give you the opportunities to share creative ideas by getting the support to develop aspiring solutions to overcome COVID-19 related challenges and deploy them in solid business concepts and even prototypes. 

Fields of action


The health sector was overwhelmed with sudden rise of number of patients who need medical care during the crises. How can the efforts of the health sector be supported or the pressure be reduced?

Small Business

Freelancers, new and small companies have suffered the most during the shutdown in many countries. What ideas could help small business to cope with changes during pandemic and help them to survive?

Social Life

Viruses can spread more among groups of people. Thus, COVID-19 has paralyzed our social life, which is very crucial for our mental health as human beings. What solutions do you suggest to tackle this problem?


Due to the shutdown in many countries, education had to be paused and many children missed a long time of school, the same thing for university students. What solution good facilitate the educational process in countries with poor internet connection?

Travel & Tourism

Theses both industries have suffered the most from the repercussions of COVID-19. Which solutions could alleviate their suffer or get them back in business?





For ENET'Com Students 

Please apply through Google Form:


For students of German Universities

Please apply per email to by sending:

  1. Your chosen field of action (please choose one or maximum two fields of actions). Please state it clearly in the email. 
  2. CV
  3. A short Cover Letter (no longer than one page) stating your motivation to participate
    Please title your email with the keywords "VOITURE: Idea Competition 2020"



Why should I participate?

Winning teams:

For the 1st winning team members

Trendy smartphones

For the 2nd winning team members

Trendy Touch Pads

For the 3 winning teams:

Funding to transform their ideas into prototypes


For all participants:

  • 5 days of valuable trainings in Innovation techniques, BMC, Pitch …
  • Intercultural experience and working in multidisciplinary teams
  • Certificate of participation from Leipzig University and ENET’Com
  • Professional Coaching by a German expert in video montage


Project mentors

Rabeb Blaiech
Habiba Zaafrane
Akeel Sandouk
Philip friebel


Utz Dornberger
Voiture Project Leader
Zakia Belahmer
Professional Coach in soft skills